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Erin Condren Planner in Middle School

OldPlanner3 - edited

As a prepare for the next school year, I am able to reflect back on how I started last year and any changes to those plans. Last year I relied heavily upon my teacher planner. I must preface this with: Yes I know an expensive planner is NOT necessary to be an organized planner, however it sure does add joy to my planning when I can see all the great design and color. Last year, teacher-friend of mine told me that she bought an Erin Condren Planner. Now I had heard of the grand “Erin Condren” planners, however never took the dive. She convinced me to go for it, so last year I purchased my first Erin Condren Teacher Planner; and boy I fell in love. Here is my planner from last year:

Old Planner 1

The “meat and potatoes” of this planner consisted of the monthly spreads and lesson planning pages. I loved the monthly spreads to organize any meeting or important dates.Here you can see what my May 2016 looked like, as far as meetings go, as the end of the year was approaching. Our last day with students, last year, was May 25. Another great thing about these planners is that all of the stickers you see, came with the planner. So it is just another way to add my own touch of color.

Old Planner 2

My main hesitation for buying this planner in the first place, was that I was afraid that it was designed for more elementary style of teaching and I would not be able to utilize it to fit my needs. After reading some blogs on how other teachers use this spread I was able to come up with a spread that worked for me. The first column is the same on each page where it lists the days of the week and I had to fill in the exact date. From there, the second column is where I would transfer any meetings from the monthly spread.

The third and fourth columns consisted of my two classes that I taught in the Resource Room. I was working as an intervention specialist half the time so this is where I would plan out those days and lessons to work on particular skills. Now the whole right-hand side of the spread was devoted to my two accelerated math classes.

Old Planner 3

The right-hand side is where I lesson plan for my math classes. As you can see, there is plenty of room for me to add additional reminders or post-its. Since my position is slightly changing this year, I have already been brainstorming how I may change the way I use the lesson plan spread.

I of course have already bought a new planner for this school year and here I will give you a sneak peek of the planner and the goodies I got to go along with it. I plan of having a whole new post on the new planner once have fully established the layout.

New Planner

Remember: Be Creative & Think Outside the Box!


If you are purchasing your first order through Erin Condren, feel free to use this code to receive $10 off your first purchase.

Other blogs that inspired me in my planner layout:

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Hello, my name is Jessica. I have been married since 2010 and we have three fur baby cats. In my spare time I enjoy some light reading, decorating my planner, geocaching, and browsing on Teacher Pay Teachers for fun and creative activities. I am beginning my fourth year of teaching and I have changed my teaching position in one way or another each year. My first year I taught 8th grade mathematics at a charter school in Columbus, Ohio. When a position was offered at my dream school, I was willing to take a small break from the math world. I moved into a 6th grade position as an intervention specialist, working with students with learning disabilities. Then last year I continued working as an intervention specialist, half the time. The other half was spent as a 7th grade accelerated math teacher. That leads me into this coming school year. I will be working as a 7th grade math teacher.

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