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New School Year: New Blog

With the start of a new school year, I figured there was no better time to start a blog. To be honest, I have been an active follower of many teacher and educator blogs, however I have never considered creating a blog for myself. After some reflecting, I decided to take the leap. My goal for this blog is to share out anything relating to education and classroom activities. I ask that you be patient with me as I figure out the exact content that I will be sharing.

Thank You!



Hello, my name is Jessica. I have been married since 2010 and we have three fur baby cats. In my spare time I enjoy some light reading, decorating my planner, geocaching, and browsing on Teacher Pay Teachers for fun and creative activities. I am beginning my fourth year of teaching and I have changed my teaching position in one way or another each year. My first year I taught 8th grade mathematics at a charter school in Columbus, Ohio. When a position was offered at my dream school, I was willing to take a small break from the math world. I moved into a 6th grade position as an intervention specialist, working with students with learning disabilities. Then last year I continued working as an intervention specialist, half the time. The other half was spent as a 7th grade accelerated math teacher. That leads me into this coming school year. I will be working as a 7th grade math teacher.

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